Unable to edit Runtime field in the Enterprises Edition Orchestrator

Hi, I have to increase the number of Runtime license in the Orchestrator, but the edit option is not Enable for me, Suggest? @Palaniyappan @loginerror

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It seems like you haven’t created any unattended type of robot
Is it so
Kindly create one so that you will be able to see that robot and it’s tagged machine where will be able to edit the runtimes

Cheers @balkishan

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I am not able to increase the runtime quantity?

why it’s showing me a message that the number of runtimes must be between 1 and 1?


how many license did we obtain @balkishan

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As of now 1 bro

then obviously only one can be mentioned right buddy

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sorry my bad, I was checking in diff orch. where I have installed only one licesne.

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