Unable to edit .DBF file in uiPath

I am trying to edit a field in .dbf file. To edit the same I followed below steps:

  1. Read the .dbf file using Read Text File activity
  2. Edited using Modify Text activity
  3. Used Write Text file and used .dbf as ext. when saving the file.

The edit is successful but file is becoming corrupt and does not open with dbf viewer. Any idea how to edit dbf files using UiPath activities ?

Hi @Dilip_Kumar5,

Dont change file path and try to do over write the same file.


Whats the exact error? It should show when you write file as .dbf or .txt

Hi @Dilip_Kumar5

To edit a .dbf file in UiPath while preserving its structure, you can try using the following steps:

  1. Install the “Database Activities” package in UiPath Studio if you haven’t already. This package provides activities specifically designed for working with databases and .dbf files.
  2. Use the “Read Range” activity from the “Database” category to read the contents of the .dbf file into a DataTable. Specify the appropriate connection string and SQL query to read the desired data.
  3. Manipulate the DataTable to make the necessary edits. You can use various DataTable activities or custom activities to modify the data.
  4. Use the “Write Range” activity from the “Database” category to write the updated DataTable back to the .dbf file. Again, specify the appropriate connection string and SQL query to update the file.

Hope it helps!!

I tried to save the updated file in the same name and keeping the ext as .dbf.
When I try to use the same file to update records in application, it is giving unrecognized format error

No error from UiPath but the format is unrecognized when I open the updated file in dbf viewer application

Hello Parvathy,
I have downloaded UiPath Database utility but I could not find any activity to connect to .dbf database file.
I tried using Connect and under Choose data source, I selected MS Access database file and only ext it is searching is .mdb and .accdb

Can you please let me know the activity details to use to connect to .dbf file and send queries to it ?

Hi, did you find any way to connect to DBF files ?