Unable to dynamically populate a Table on Uipath Apps from data service entity, based on a field value change

There is a table in Uipath Apps which i am trying to populate based on another field value change, unable to do so. Getting data from a data service entity for populating the table but the table remains empty.

Below is the query written

And when the value in the User Id gets populated, the data in the datatable doesn’t get populated it remains empty

Please let me know if there is way to achieve this. Thanks

@mailsmithash ,

Are you not able to populate into Table or Control?

The Table is not getting populated with data based on the query set in ‘Data Source’ field, which uses input of a Field ‘User Id’ in the query to pull the records.

@mailsmithash ,

This is kind of bug we have noticed , Apps refreshing data from catch all the time once all Page loaded.

When we call data source then this doesn’t refresh data from data service at run time. so I can say this is a bug.


So currently there is no other way of handling this i guess. If only one user id is present ,the table can be populated on event change of the ‘User Id’ field. Tried the event change on ‘User Id’ field and setting the table fields individually by queries , it doesn’t work that way as well.

Hello @mailsmithash ,

As we looked together on your code you were using wrong function to filter the data as Lookup for table.

Table can have data source direct with entity or out_datatable or Filter function. So please change lookup function with Filter into data source and test it.


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Thanks its working. That was useful.

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