Unable to download studio

Hi all, I am able to login into uipath academy using my google account. When i try to login into portal to download studio i am getting the below error. I have tried to clear cache/incognito mode and it is not working in edge / chrome. this seems to be device specific as i am able to login from a different machine. Please help.

Oops! Something went wrong

An unknown error occurred. Please try again after a while. If the problem persists, please contact technical support.

Hi @D_celshya

Can you please check this post

If it works,Please mark it as solution.


i tried to create an id with my email instead of using gmail sso. still facing the same issue. I ssue looks to be machine specific as i am able to login from different machine.

Hi @D_celshya

If you have a specific issue with our Automation Cloud at cloud.uipath.com, you can always contact our Cloud Support team for direct assistance. Please use this form:
Contact Cloud Technical Support

As far as some clues about the issue though - is the other machine, the one that it works on, use different internet connection? Could it be some company firewall/specific restrictions on the problematic machine?

You can also try to see if the web browser console/network tab give you any specific errors.