Unable to download solution workflows


I am not able to download Solution workflow component
For example - Canopy, Newgen etc
when we try to download - it prompts us to send an email and even after sending email nobody replies.
is there restricted access for this section

or is it available only for enterprise customers ?

Hi @Vikram212

Some solutions seem to be carefully guarded by their creators. In this case, your request is directly forwarded to the user and he needs to respond to it for you to gain access.

Hi Vikram,

As per the GO! platform’s current design, from a “component availability” perspective, there are 2 main categories:

  1. Direct downloadable content​: items that can be directly downloaded from the platform - either free downloads or paid downloads [available with the monetization phase expected as of Q1 2019]
  2. Leads (Solution): ​ ​to be seen as advertisements. These items are not directly downloadable as the consumers will need to fill a form which will send a request directly to the Producer/Vendor. Producer/Vendors can use them for advertising purposes.

As Maciej was pointing out, in case you are interested on a specific Solution, you will have to submit an Enquiry by filling the appropriate form, which will be sent as a notification to the Solution’s author.



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