Unable to download RPA Developer certificate from UiConnect

I can see my RPA Developer Certification in UiConnect but cant see it in Academy?
Also from Connect i am unable to download my SuperBadge, Please help me download my certificate.


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

After login into the Academy site then go to My Activities and then go to Courses and there you can find all enrolled courses. From there you can download the certificate also. Please check once.

HI Lakshman
I guess you didn’t understand or may be i am confused here.
I am talking about Super Badge i have earned on UiConnect website not academy.


Yes once you Completed the certification then the badge will be added to our profile. It’s not Certification and also we can’t download it.

Ooh ok
Site behaves little differently in office and at home…
every link opens in new windows which adds up to confusion.

Anyways i am all here to unleash…

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