Unable to download certificate of Foundation Training

I have completed Foundation Training and Orchestrator 2018.2 Training in the last year. As the academy.uipath.com site was updated, I am unable to see those trainings to download the (diploma) certificates. Could you please help me as I need those certificates.

First, you can receive a Diploma completed in ‘My Course’ by e-mail.

Click on the Course you wish to download.

Click on the Diploma and it will come to your mail.

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But I need the separate certificate of Orchestrator Traing 2018.4 which was available previously. Now all the courses were clustered and not able to get the single certificates. I need the certificates of Level 1 and Level 2 separately

Hi Pavani! Sorry if we created any confusion. With the migration to the new Academy platform, we have retired L1 and L2 courses as they were outdated. The most up to date learning plan replacing them is indeed RPA Developer Foundation. Nonetheless, beginning of May, we will have an option for our users to download their diplomas for all the courses they have completed in the past. Note that the course materials are not going to be available for L1, L2 but rather the option for downloading the course diplomas for them.

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