Unable to do Data Scrapping for Every Item on the Page

I am only able to scrap 1 row of the products ( 5 products ) on the link shown below.

Is the site designed in such a way that prevent people from scrapping all products at one go? Does anyone have any idea how to scrap the whole page? Please help me thank you!

you will deal with following two things:
first row is like a promotion row and falls out from the common element structure. configuring datascrapoing on the 2nd and 3rd row graps more from the sequence:

as each row is heavily seperated the row iterator config from datascraping is less easy to define.

On such sequence types it is suggested to focus on the retrieval from a row (detail scrapping of the 5 product info) and dynamize to retrieve the other rows as well

thank you! but how to define or find the dynamic variable for each row?

in a first step you configure the datascraping with all details for one row

  • dynamize the selector for the next row index
  • create a logic to retrieve all rows and pass the index info to your custom scrapping logic