Unable to detect the values from PDF using Find Element & Get Text Activities (Lesson 10 - Practice 1)

Hi There,

I am on Lesson 10 - Practice 1 and having an hard time in detecting the element from the PDF provided for the practice. Please check the screenshot attached below. It doesn’t seems to be pulling the ‘Date’ & ‘Bill To’ values from the PDF. Would be great if someone can help on this.

‘value_Date’ contains the output of ‘Get Date Value form PDF’ & ‘value_BillTo’ contains the output of ‘Get BillTo Value from PDF’. Here is the output for both the message box.

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Rammohan B.

I am seeing similar behavior. Did you ever figure this out?

I am having the exact same problem and don’t know what i am doing worng.
Can someone please help?

Hi @MW23

You might want to use the solution from this post:

Please also see here: