Unable to delete unused releases

I’ve got unused releases that I’m not able to delete using the provided functionality.

I’m quite sure that these releases have been produced in this way:

1 - commit some changes of your app, let’s say this will bring you to release (git) r4. I’m not referring to the release code we’ll add on the next step, if I understood correctly this release it’s like a tag associated to the commit, progressively incrementing.
2 - release a version of the app, let’s say 20220721.a
3 - make this release active on an environment
4 - without committing nothing (so, by keeping the r4 git release) release a new version, let’s say 20220721.b
5 - make this release active on an environment
6 - click on the delete unused releases

Expected result: release 20220721.a will disappear
Actual result: release 20220721.a is still visible

I’m using 21-10.1 version.

To be more clear, on this step
5 - make this release active on an environment
with “an environment” I’m referring to the same environment used in step 3.

Hi aleber,

What you can do is to generate caches with the release you have activated on the environment. Typically this should remove any “hold” the platform may have on your older release which were set to your environment.

Ciao Tjeerd,

it doesn’t seem to fix the issue. I’ve generated the cache many times today.

The last row doesn’t want to disappear, it’s immortal… :slight_smile:

When you log-in as a superadmin, the tab “Released Data” will tell you which release and cache is active and if there are any kept instances.
Within the server parameter you can try to play around with the parameter “KeepInstancesOk”. Maybe your immortal release is attached to a fallback instance.

This is my situation under “Released Data”.

The “immortal” release is the one in the last column.

Based on the last comment, I would suppose that this release is still there because it contains error (I honestly do not remember that it went wrong). I tried to set KeepInstancesError to 0, but it didn’t have effect.

Do you think that this is the reason why I’m still getting the release visible?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure if the error itself is the problem, but I remember that the released data works in a “first-in-last-out” like manner. Especially if you have multiple environments (and maybe even link them, or delete them), the dispatcher can land in a weird state.
You could try the following:
In the tab “released data”, right click on all columns that are “younger” than your immortal release, and mark them as blocked. Afterwards you can try to delete unused releases, or generate new caches (not necessarily in that order).