Unable To Delete The Column In Configure ROI Dataset Using Admin Credentials

Resolution when it is not possible to delete the column in Configure ROI Dataset using Admin Credentials.

This seems to be an issue with the IIS server configuration, and the IIS version that is being used.

Root Cause: This issue might be caused by a module in IIS called WebDAV that overrides PUT request handling on the server with 405.

Resolution: Try the following steps (as many as applicable for them), and then restart IIS,

  1. Open IIS, click on the Insights site on the left-hand side, and look for the WebDAV module
  2. Open WebDav Authoring Rules and then select Disable WebDAV the option present on the right bar
  3. Select Modules, find WebDAV Module and remove it
  4. Select HandlerMapping, find WebDAVHandler and remove it
  5. Restart IIS.