Unable to delete service instance linked to another computer

I am using the community edition and unable to delete the associated service instance. It was linked to another computer to which I don’t have access anymore. How do I get rid of this instance? It’s not letting me add a new service either. Please advise. thanks.

@g0furtherwithAI I guess you’re maximum Services Limit has reached. You may have to Delete this Service and Create a new Service.

Yes I’m aware. If you read my question, I want to know how to delete the service since it’s not letting me delete it.

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@g0furtherwithAI Is the Delete Option Disabled or does nothing Happen After the Delete option is Clicked ?

Is there anyone from @Forum_Staff support team that can resolve this issue? All the action menu items are disabled and I CANNOT delete the associated service instance. There is a bug in the platform.

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Hi @g0furtherwithAI

Please inform our Cloud Platform support for any query related to your Cloud Account (as Forum admins, we can’t do any work related to your platform.uipath.com account).


Hey! I want to now if you could solve the issue ?? I am having the same problem

No and sadly nobody from the @Forum_Staff nor the support team has been able to assist since I’m not using the paid version.

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Hi @g0furtherwithAI

Could you share the answer from support via a PM?

Could you also verify that you used the Cloud Platform support form?

When you contact our support via this link, please provide them with the user registered email address, Service name to be deleted and URL having tenant name.

This is the email I received… So they directed me to the forum without providing any support.

"Thank you for reaching out to us!

We do not provide support for Community version via live chat, Zendesk support platform.
Technical support for community can be found only here: https://forum.uipath.com/
You can extend the license from here: https://www.uipath.com/renew-community-license
Please be aware of the community edition license conditions: https://www.uipath.com/community-license-agreement

Kind Regards!"

This is one ancient response, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
(it is not needed to renew your license anymore for a long time).

It does sound though like you used a general technical support form and not the Cloud Platform one.

Let me sort it out, but in the meantime - could you share the info I posted above?

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I am unable to fill the form because it’s asking for a license code and I don’t have a license code associated with the service instance anymore. See screenshot attached.

Only the technical support will ask you for the code. The Cloud Platform support form looks like that:

So that all you have to provide is the URL of your Cloud Platform account :slight_smile: