Unable to Delete .csv - File becomes inaccessible for manual deletion/overwriting

Hi All,

I’m working through the second assignment for the Advanced Develop course, and ran into an issue:

When I download the monthly reports, I’m able to save them and read them, but when the bot deletes the file, it remains in the folder and when I try to manually remove it I get the following error:


When I restart my computer, the file is no longer there, so I know it’s working but leaving a file behind.

I’ve attached the workflow below.

System1 Download Report.xaml (27.8 KB)

Kindly elaborate this buddy
Cheers @korsountsevs

When I test the process I shared above, I have the file left over:

But when restart my computer, or log out and back in, the files are no longer there (the /Data/Temp folder is empty). Based on the fact that the file is gone after the restart, I know that the code is working, but I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be instant. Could it have to do with the fact that I’m using a company laptop?