Unable To Delete A Modern Folder

How to delete a Modern folder?

Issue Description:

  1. When administrator deletes folder, Audit page shows "User started delete for folder ###"
  2. Approximately after 30 minutes, Audit page shows "User failed to delete folder ####. Cannot delete entities"

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Select the desired folder from the Manage Folders pane of the Folders page.
  2. Click the More Actions button and select Remove. A confirmation prompt is displayed advising you of the associated entities that will be deleted.
  3. Click No to cancel or Yes to confirm the deletion.
  4. In Orchestrator,
    1. Go to tenant
    2. Click on Manage access
    3. Go to roles
    4. Create a role at tenant and folder level
  5. At tenant level kindly give Tenant permission to "Folders" as View, Edit, Create and Delete as below:
  1. At folder level, kindly give Folder permission to "Subfolders" as View, Edit, Create and Delete as below:
  1. Go to the three dots beside the created roles and click on Manage users
  2. Assign the user "xxxxxxxxxx" to the newly created role.
  3. Sign out from the orchestrator or perform an IIS reset.
  4. Login to the Orchestrator and try removing the folder with the user "xxxxxxxxxx".

DB Approach:

Note: It is not recommended to directly interact with the UiPath DB. Expertise the below query with the local DB team experts and make sure to take a backup of the table before modifying anything over the database.

Mention the id and display name (Folder name that needs to be deleted) and execute below SQL query to remove the modern folder.

  • top(1) [UiPath].[dbo].[OrganizationUnits] set IsDeleted=1 where id=' ' and DisplayName=' '