Unable to define solution approach for multiple attachments

Hi All,

I am working on web page and it is not in tabular form. Under summary tab there can be n no. of entries

I have to click on download icon adjacent to correct key word. But there can be number of lines and multiple attachments.

download button …line 1…correct key word
download button …line 2…incorrect key word
download button …line 3…incorrect key word
download button …line 4…incorrect key word

I am using get attribute and able to extract text from correct word. then i am using if condition and
using getattributeoutput.contains that textof correct word, then it will be processed by bot.

Otherwise it will skip and it will not download. After that it will move to next entry to get that correct word.
There can be 5-6 such line entries.

how can i read one by one entry.

Can you help with best possible approach.


@sangeethaneelavannan1 @Anil_G : Can you assist.



Identify the element in ui explorer and check in the center menu to see if any of the lines contain the aaname or inner text fields populated with the target line name that you are searching for…

Else… try using anchor base activity with anchor as the require line item and use idx property to increment to next identical anchor with same name…

The same can be acheive by using for each ui element as well

Hope this helps



Please Check in UiExplorer if the attachments/icon you want to click on have a common parent element.
If so you can use find children and loop through the collection to perform a click activity on the same


Thanks @Anil_G . But it seems nothing working. I have read both rows and got below selector.

there can be n number of rows. I can see table row count is increasing.

Suppose if i get correct keyword " input template" in row 1 iteself , i have to click on the download icon adjacent to this line.

I will not go for another line.

But in case if i didn’t get in first line, then i will read another line.


Thanks @akwar for reply.

But i am unable to use find child children in this.



Then by changing the row index and column index and using get text we can verify…

And also if the selectors are like this then mostly anchor base also would work without issues

Did you check in ui explorer?


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Hi @Anil_G

i have used data extraction and if condition and increased the row counter.
I am able to get the solution.

I am learning now and getting your prompt support always
appreciate ur help.



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