Unable to create selectors in newer versions of UiPath.UIAutomations.Activities

Hi Experts

I have been struggling with an automation in a Windows application for quite a while now. For some reason I have not been able to point out the selector with the “Indicate on screen” functionality in any of the application’s fields. Instead the entire application window is being highligted. I have tried pressing F4 while selecting the field to toggle the UI Framework without any success.

Now finally I have found - a quite strange - workaround. If I downgrade the UiPath.UIAutomations.Activities in Manage Packages, Project Dependencies to version 19.10.1 I can then press F4 to toggle to the UIA framework while selecting the field and then I am able to select the specific field rather than the entire application.

Once I have done all the selectors I can upgrade, e.g. to version 20.4.1 of UiPath.UIAutomations.Activities and the selectors are still working (in this case a Get Text activity), though I am not able to re-select the field by using “Indicate on screen”.

The application is quite old and I can see that the selectors contains “cls='WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.xxxx”. But I find it very odd that an old version of UiPath.UIAutomations.Activities can point out the fields while versions above 19.10.1 does not work.

Any ideas? Something I am doing wrong?