Unable to create Governance Policy

I am facing a weird validation error while creating a governance policy on automation cloud. When I click on save button, I get the a validation error “Please fix all the validation errors before submitting”. Can anybody identify the validation error here?

Hi @rpafactory

Go back to policies definition and see if any policies have validation error

If you can’t find any reason, you can try open DEVTOOLS (F12), network tab and click SAVE button then inspect in https response if it has any mention about the issue

Thanks @rikulsilva for your reply.

The error was not after creating/uploading the policy definition. The error was while creating the definition itself.

Well, Looks like something has changed since I posted this query. I can see what was the validation error for. Rules frame was populating earlier. Refer below screenshot.

Hi @rpafactory
Now that you can see the validation error are you be able to create the definition ?

Yes, I was able to save it.

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