Unable to create a case in Tech Support

Hey Guys,

I am unable to raise a request in Tech support. Is the system down?


Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Does the same happen on different browsers and networks? (i.e. does it also not work from a mobile phone?)

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@loginerror Tried with chrome and Internet explorer. Getting the same error. We have enterprise license. Can you please let me know how to contact the technical support please?


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Then it has to be something related to your network, I believe. The form on our website is the standard way to contact our Technical Support and if it doesn’t work, it most likely means that your network is blocking some traffic.

Could you try contacting your IT department about it, or to test try to submit it from another network?

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Now when I try, I see different error. Please find below:

Is the portal down?

It might be a browser specific issue. Please see if this article helps here:

Hello @Siddarth_Nair - Please disable Block third-party cookies in the browser and try it should work.

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Please let us know if it eventually worked out so that we can either provide further assistance or close the topic :slight_smile:


from 7 December we are unable to open support tickets on your support website Contact Technical Support receiving the following error when submitting the form:

I disable Block third-party cookies in the browser but it not work.

Hey @dterlizzi ,

Can you please try to raise it on chrome incognito mode.

let me know if it works!

Thanks :grinning:

Hi Shreyash Shirbhate,

i have already tried with the incognito browser, i used edge, chrome and firefox.


Okay @dterlizzi .

Could you please give a try from your friends machine? the issue is same?

Also, I hope you are using the valid license code.

I had a colleague try it but it doesn’t work the same, the license is currently active and recognized.


Hi @dterlizzi

Thank you for notifying us, we will look into it!

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Good morning Maciej Kuzmicz,

the problem persists, is it possible for the moment to have an email address to contact support?

Thank you

Hi @loginerror, I’m facing the same issue with support portal. Can we get a support mail address in the meantime?