Unable to copy the value it change every time

Hi, I am trying to copy values through GET Text activity. However, the value change every time. So it can’t get the updated value. How to do that?

Hi, Try the Get full text activity.

Thank you


Yes, you can get even if the value changes.

Probably you need to check and refine your selectors in such a way that it don’t contains any value (innertext of the element you capture).

For example: Lets take this partial selector where you select a day of the week,

<webctrl aaname="Monday"/>. If you use it probably this one will work fine on mondays.

In this case you can refine your selector with some other attributes in place of aaname

Dom :slight_smile:

In tried this also but it was unable to get the updated value…

what other attributes you mean?

Hi @Chirag1991,
Use uiexplorer to get the exact selector.

If the value is changing dynamically use ‘*’ to get any value.

If you provide the selector and what value is changing dynamically easy to give the solution