Unable to copy proper data in excel


I am tryong to copy data from same sheet from A7 to G2.
when automation pasting data it is writing some data in date formate and i am not understanding from where this date is coming.
check below ss.

help me on same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Give read cell activity if you want to read one cell instead of read range.


Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Please try once check PreserveFormat

giving this error
checked both header and preserve ,tryied with only preserve option but same ,data copying with date

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Do you please share the input file if your data is not secured one.


Use vlookup activity to copy content from one column to another.


i need to read range from a7 to F 1000


Try this


Then use read range and give range like this “A7:F1000”


If you want to copy data from A7 to G2

i need toi read range not cell as mentioned above

tried but not worked

Data.xlsx (20.8 KB)
please cehck file
let me know

how to do that ccan u please show image if u have workflow

still same

No @Mathkar_kunal

In your shared excel check that for all the rows of 3 to 6 the datatype is in the date format only.

If you want to copy only one cell value and paste in another cell better use the read cell workbook and write cell workbook.


Try this:
Main.xaml (27.9 KB)



I hope this will help