Unable to connect to Orchestrator from home wifi

Hi All

I am able to connect to Orchestrator from my office network. But at my home I am using my personal wifi. In this wifi I am not able to connect to the Orchestrator. Kindly help what is the issue.
The same configuration is working in my office.

I am getting below error every time.


Can you give more information about your environment?

What version of Studio / Robot?
Private or public Cloud instance of Orchestrator?
If private, what version or Orchestrator?
What is the Orchestrator URL that you are using?

What steps are you taking before you see the error?

  1. Studio Version : 2019.10.4
  2. What is private and public instance of Orchestrator ?
  3. How to check the version of Orchestrator ?
  4. Orchestrator URL : https://platform.uipath.com and

Just creating a machine with my machine name in the Orchestrator and then copying the key form there and pasting in the uipath agent window and the click on connect.

This should be okay. The current stable release is 19.10.4 while the current preview is at 20.3.0-beta.84

I’m referring to whether you are using a private/enterprise instance whether cloud based or behind a company firewall.

This can be done by logging into Orchestrator and looking at the lower left screen, hovering over Orchestrator.


The second instance is the one that you will want use that or UiPath

If the URL is invalid I’ve seen the following errors

System.NotSupportedException: Empty orchestrator api versions!

UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.Clients.OrchestratorHttpException: Invalid machine key.

Other causes that I’ve seen of what you are describing is when users have had multiple installations of UiPath Studio and when running Robot Tray there was a version conflict.

Could you have a anti-virus, firewall, proxy, router that might be interfering or otherwise shaping/filtering your traffic?

Thanks a lot @codemonkee !!!

I am actually new to Uipath.
I have another big concern. Can i go ahead to ask you the same?

If it is unrelated to your original post, I’d suggest creating a new topic. Feel free to PM me the link and if I know the answer or can provide any insight, I’ll be happy to provide a response.

Regarding this topic, did the information help to solve your issue or is that yet to be determined?

Hi @codemonkee, actually the issue is still there. Could you please let me know what else can we do ?