Unable to Connect the Robot

Dear Team,

Below are the steps Iam taking to connect Robot…

  1. Under Robots… I click +…and add the Machine Name.
  2. Under Machines …Copy the Machine key
  3. Add all these to the Robot Tray
  4. Now click the Create under Robot dialog box.
  5. Under Robot Tray …click Connect…
    Now it gets connected as per the Robot Tray…however not in the Orchestrator, it still shows Disconnected.
    Also I dont see the Heartbeat option in the Robots category
    Can someone please share a stepwise direction


Hi @husaindxb27,

Take a look this one. It will help you


Can someone please reply to this…Iam stuck for quite sometime now…
My bad, it didnt work…can you tell me please the very 1st step is

  • Permission to create Robots ( Create permissions on Robots and View permissions on Machines)
    Is there a separte section to do this or simply creating robots covers this, I mean do we need to click off permission somewhere
    Also, the domain\username…This is my personal computer,…will my user name used to login to orchestrator suffice, please let me know I have been stuck on this connection for a long time now…

I resolved this…thank you all…


Please add what solved your issue, will be helpful for the community :slight_smile:

I mistakenly added my personal email address as the username instead of the system name…I mean my computer user name…

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