Unable to connect orchestrator...No such host is known

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My user creates an orchestrator account and downloads the latest version of UIpath. i have configured orchestrator account and try to log in using uipath assistant and uipath studio both using machine key and service URL. but both occurrences it gives no such host.(or unkow host message)…why is that…are you know any solution to overcome this issue
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HI @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

Check out the thread


Hello @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

Can you please share the screenshot of the configuration?


Are you using Cloud or On-Premise Orchestrator?

This usually occurs because of a few things as below,

  • The site is itself not present (Make sure URL is right)
  • If the site is restricted like you may need to use VPN to access it (Make sure you have access to the network - try opening the URL in the browser)
  • Use proper protocol as the URL is hosted - http or https

Let us know the below:

  1. Could please go to Assistant > preferences > Orchestrator settings > hover over the status icon and send a screenshot?
  2. Are you using the classic folders? Please take a look at this KB that explains how to connect the robot properly or modern folder.
  3. Do you let us which license type you are trying to acquire i.e. studio or unattended?
  4. Please let us know are your team is using an interactive sign in or not.

Thanks @Rahul I will follow video again and let you know.

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Check once URL and copied machine key

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