Unable to confirm jQuery load using Inject JS activity in Edge chromium browser

I am trying to inject jQuery to a URL in Edge Chromium and check if jQuery has loaded using another inject JS activity. Both these activities are inside a do-while loop with condition check jQueryload = True.
But even though jQuery is loaded to the page, the confirmation JS is returning false. The code works fine in IE but returning False in Edge browser.
This is the code I am using to check jQuery load.

if(window.jQuery == undefined) { return “false”; }
else { return “true”; }

Studio version: 2020.10.4

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Athira.Nair ,

If the way you injected jQuery is to append a script element to the web page, that has only been proven to work on IE, but not the other browsers. At least it is known that it does not work on Chrome. You can check the discussion on this forum.
You may consider using the custom activity for the other browsers or completing your automation job through IE.

Thanks for the response Jeff.

So do you mean we cannot run jQuery scripts on Edge browser via UiPath ? Because I am able to do it through console.
This is an example .xaml file. It works in IE, but if the Browser type is set to Edge it does not work as jQuery check returns False.
Is there any workaround to fix the same ?

TestEdgejQuery.1.0.1.nupkg (7.8 KB)

Hi @Athira.Nair ,

It looks like the way you did is exactly what I said.
In addition to IE, if you would like to run jQuery on the other browsers via UiPath, you may consider using the custom activity, “JqueryExecution.Activities
Please refer to the previous post below.

Hope this helps.