Unable To Configure Attended Robots Despite Allocating Attended Licenses

Resolution when it not possible to set up attended Robots on Orchestrator as there is no option to setup the attended license runtimes while provisioning a new machine.

Root Cause: While trying to create the Attended Robot in modern folder and runtime license is not defined to machine template.

Resolution: Follow the below steps to connect the Attended Robot:

  1. Go to Tenant > Machines > Create the Template and provision the machine
  2. After provisioning the machine template, create a Floating Robot
  3. Go to Default Folder > Robots > Add a new floating Robot
  4. Now connect floating Robot to an environment
  5. Go to environment > If environment already exists then add the floating Robot to that environment or create and assign a new environment for the defined floating Robot
  6. Go back to Machines and copy the machine key for the floating machine created
  7. Connect with your UiPath Assistant.

Addition to above:

  1. Create a floating machine template
  2. Only modern folders are available and the setting should be disabled to add the classic folders
  3. Enable the settings to activate the classic folders
  4. Add a new classic folder
  5. And then the provided steps in the above is good and follow the same to create an Attended Robot.

Note: Cannot allocate the Attended license Robot in the Machine template.