Unable to click on UpdateWorkItem and Home button on WorkITems page

Hi i am facing issue on workitems page.
Unable to click Update work Item and Home buttons. sometime it got clicked after taking 5 sec time. for the next time it won’t click update work item even home button as well.
i have tried by using Click,Click Image,Anchor base, Image appear in all ways but no luck.
Due to this error i am unable to submit my assignment since from last 3 days.

Guys help me on this if anyone knows above the query.

Is that CLICK activity placed with attach browser or open browser
And is simulate click property enabled

one more doubt which is before uploading our assignment is it mandatory to remove all excel files which i have from Temp folder.?
And reset test data should be clear before submitting?

No no we should not reset the data while submitting
And if those files are related to the project output let that be
Cheers @sunilraju