Unable to click on sub menu process


Unable to select sub menu process

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Can you be a little more specific?


Click on claim and tracking
And Click on Real time claims status inquiry

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First Click on CLAIMS AND TRACKING and use another click activity and indicate while doing that press F2 you will get 3 seconds to select the hidden tab click on CLAIMS AND TRACKING and click on Real-Time Claim Status

i am doing same think but not working

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what do you mean it’s not working?
The Click Activity or it’s not showing the Hidden tab?

Hidden tab

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Can you try sending Hot keys??

can give me any other solution . sending hot keys i think not working

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only click activity you can use Modify the selector and make it dynamic.

Use find children activity… hope that will helps you
Documentation : Find Children
Use this activity retrieve the UiElement and pass the retrieved UIE as I/P to click activity.