Unable to click on sub menu on hovering

After hitting the F2 Right-click on the element you want to click. It should detect.


Use below two activity.

  1. click - to select the menu .
  2. click image trigger - to select desired sun menu.


@miguel-angel.calvo could you please explain this in detail. I am trying do record a sub-menu which is getting disabled when accessing through UiPath. No luck so far. Please explain how to freeze the web page and click on the desired sub-menu.

In which browser you are trying?

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

I am using IE browser. The app i am trying to automate will on work in IE.

Don’t record. Use click activity. Press F2 for delay and the then click on sub-menu item.

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

I got this message when trying do use click activity and F2.


may I know which site you are trying to automate?

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

That is private website for our Department. I couldn’t share those details.

I have used attach browser activity and placed click activity inside it.
I have checked the SimulateClick option under the property panel for Click Activity

Thanks @Ashish_Verma,

With Click Activity UiPath is not able to detect the element at all. I got this message “The UiElement id no longer valid”. Then I tried Click “Click Image Activity” for which I enabled “Simulate Click” option. No luck with that as well.

try computer vision click activity

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

Thanks much for your support. I tried CV Click and I got this result…

So this looks like there is some security layer ahead to access this application.

I am not sure about this error. Please post as a separate query on the forum. :slight_smile:

@surbhi I had deeply studied all the comments to your help. However, most of the solutions I tried myself did not work. I propose to you a little technical way of handling this type of dropdowns which only appear upon hovering.

Please follow the steps below at your environment and let me know if it worked.

  1. Select from the menu “Hover” activity
  2. Indicate the element inside your browser
  3. Create a variable for the Hover activity and name it like “selectedElement” and change the type to “UiPath.Core.UiElement”
  4. Below the Hover select a Click Text activity
  5. In the properties panel, give the variable in the Element box
  6. Write the text you want to choose from the dropdown in the text box of Click Text activity
  7. Drag a Close Tab activity at the end of the process

I hope this method will help a lot if not you… :grinning:

I tried below steps for flipkart logout.

  1. Use mouse Hover in uipath and click ur name to open logout.
  2. Again do mouse Hover on flipkart website (to open logout option) and take full page screenshot
  3. Paste it in ms paint
  4. Take mouse image click activity in uipath and select logout part only (as an image) from ms paint
  5. replace below line in selector for image click activity

It will work… :slight_smile:

Tried and proven solution thanks to everyone who had commented above!

In the web browser, hover the button to let sub menu appear. Move your mouse to the item under the sub menu and right click, prompting the browser choices appear. Leave that open and ignore it.

Go to your UIPath Studio and select on “Indicate on Screen” for your “Click” activity. If your sub menu still remain open without the right click browser prompt, congratulations, you will now be able to select the sub menu as it “hang” on the screen, ready for your Click to capture the UI for selecting.

You can click on hovered item by first using hover activity and in properties mention the cursor position by setting x and y offset to desired position. then use a click activity select the element by setting the same offset in cursor position in the click activitie’s property.

Managed to get it done at the end using the below flow:

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thats a very good tip !! It worked Perfectly