unable to click on object at runtime


i have a task, we have an URL, once login into URL it will display the number of services and we will click on service based on our requirement

now my task is i need to get the service name from excel sheet, and verify the service name and click on the service name in URL. i am able to get the service names from excel but not able to set the click activity , can some one please help me here out to set the click activity at runtime based on service name .

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Let me know whether my understanding is correct or not.

You are getting service name from Excel and then you are searching that Service name in that found and if it is found then you have to click on that. Is it right ?

If yes then use Click Text Activity and pass that Service name to this.

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Please post your selector for Click activity. You need to subsitute in the selector the service name on a dynamic basis using a variable basically

Hi lakshman and neonova,

thanks for your support. can you please guide me how to pass the variable dynamicall in the selector. attached is my design