Unable to Click on navigation menu button using Click activity, selector problem

I am trying to use the Click activity to click one of the tabs in the side menu that is shown below, CDN:
I am trying to make the Process click at CDN. This is the activity:
And this is my Selector:

The problem is doesn’t work sometimes
and gives out an error message such as below:
Upon investigation I have found out that the aaname for this tab actually changes from one click to another depending on the data we click. Sometimes it is like this:
<webctrl aaname=' CDN ' parentid='sideMenu' tag='A' />
On another occasion like this:
<webctrl aaname=' CDN ' parentid='sideMenu' tag='A'/>
As you can see the aaname size changes.

I have tried to include a wildcard: * on both sides of CDN but when I tried to run it. It fails click on the CDN tab for all cases.
Is there any advice? How can I create a selector that chooses the CDN tab for all cases.
Hoping for a very favourable reply. Thank you.


You mean wild card doesn’t work, don’t you?

<webctrl aaname='*CDN*' parentid='sideMenu' tag='A'/>

If so, how about regex selector as the following?

<webctrl aaname='\s*CDN\s*' parentid='sideMenu' tag='A' matching:aaname='regex' />



This selector with click activity will work

Keep the click inside Action block of RETRT SCOPE activity with no activity in condition block


I have just realized that as you have said, the Selector does work.
I have run the workflow in Debug mode and I have noticed that there is a Green tick on the Click activity and continues to the next activity which is to click on another button which will be visible after CDN is clicked but since the clicking did not place error is thrown for this activity:

So the Studio shows that Click activity is done but in the browser the click activity is not being executed. It wouldn’t click on the button.

Hi I have tried this. But it still doesn’t solve the problem. The target UI element on the browser is still not being clicked by the process.


To isolate causes, can you try the following (either one)?

  • Set 2 or 3 sec Delay activity just before Click activity
  • Use Default mode if you use SimulateClick in Click activity (Turn off SimuleteClick and SendWindowMessage)