Unable to click on all data in sequence when receiving data from the web

Hello, I need to pull data from a site on chrome web. But the data is not tabular and there are 10 pages in total. I need to click on all the data and get the data in it. In the flow I have made, it does not constantly click on the first data and move on to the others.
I think I have problem with target in click activity as well. The script I wrote here is wrong. But I couldn’t find the right one.
script at Target: "<webctrl parentid=‘AdvNameHeader_0’ tag=‘A’ type=‘’ class=‘’ aaname=’
The number at the end of AdvNameHeader_0 increases by +1 each time I click on the data. Example AdvNameHeader_1, AdvNameHeader_2, AdvNameHeader_3, etc.
please support

Can you share the workflow or website name from which you want to scrap data, it’ll be helpful in figuring out the issue.


Hafiz Mohammad Ahsan

Hello @hb61

Can you please share the screenshot of the application? If it is row-wise then you can make some attribute dynamic to get the text.


Thank you very much for your interest.

I want to click on the titles in the image I posted and get the data in it. but it always gets the first row data. It doesn’t go to other lines.

You can use the Data Scraping activity available in UiPath for this purpose, it will give you the expected results, and also check whether the extension of UiPath is installed or not.

Then in the properties of Data Scraping, in the selector section, place below code

<webctrl parentid='pagerPlaceHolder' tag='A' aaname='counter' class='pageLink' css-selector='body&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;a' innertext='counter' />

and create the variable counter start with 1 and increase it every time, hopefylly it will give you expected results.

Hello, we cannot use this activity because the data is not in the table.


Yes, I have checked it but as I am going to extract the data, it is in the tabular form. You have to first delete and reinstall extension and use Data Scraping for Scraping the data, meanwhile let me send you the dummy code

Here is the dummy code. And when you use Data Scraping, you have to give the pattern to process for extracting data
Main.xaml (9.5 KB)

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Hey @hb61 ,

As you are using the Modern activities you can extract the data if it is not in the datatable format, you just use the Extract Structured Data activity and capture the selector for each box and get the url of that once u=you will be having all the urls in a table format use the for each activity navigate to that url close that tab and repeat untill the last row.


What I want to do is;

  1. I go to the bulurum.com website and enter the word I want to search for in the search section.
  2. I click on each company on the listed page.
  3. I need the phone number, e-mail address, website and category information of the opened company.
    I cannot use data scrapping because the data in the third transaction is not tabular. I get this data with get text. But it is getting the data from the first row. The system does not go into the company in the second line.

Please do not recommend data scrapping, Extract Structured Data activities as none of the data I will receive is in the table. I need help with target selector part in click activity.
current selector: “”
‘AdvNameHeader_0’ increments 1 digit at the end of each click. I put * instead of number but it didn’t work.

So first time you clicked on the element ‘AdvNameHeader_0’ and second time you want to click ‘AdvNameHeader_1’,
if this is the case what you can do is you can pass the variable in your selector like AdvNameHeader_{{numbervar}} and before performing the click on this you can use element exists to make sure that element exists or not.

Hello, I am very new to the robot software world. My questions may sound very simple to you. I am sorry for this. In the image I posted, when I add the numbervar variable you wrote, it gives an error. I get the same error when I add the counter.


Hello, you have a solution for another similar problem. Can you assist with the issue here?