Unable to click on a scroll bar to select the last row in a WPF desktop application


I am trying to do a POC by automating a WPF based desktop application. For this I am using the community edition of UI Path. I am trying to identify the scroll bar on one of the screens and scroll down to the last row and select it. But unfortunately the scroll bar arrow is not identified by the UI Explorer or while recording too. My task remains unfinished if i cant scroll down to the last row. I have 25 rows in the scroll bar and need to select the 25th row. Please suggest how to make the scroll bar work. Kindly help.

Thank You.

hey @kgl

welcome to the UiPath Forum comunity. You tried to use focus or hover activity? i had the same problem and the hover activity worked for me, try it!


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Hey Fernando,

Thank you very much. Your suggestion worked for me. I am already enjoying being a part of this forum. :slight_smile: