Unable to click OK in SAP dialogue

Hi Experts

I am trying to automate a flow that contains SAP. However I have some issues with the logon process. If the user is already logged on I can select to:

  • Terminate the already logged on session
  • Keep both sessions logged on
  • Cancel logging on with a new session

If I choose to terminate the already logged on session I get a dialogue box with the following text:

“SAP-system notification: Backend session was terminated by system”

I need to click OK in this box if it exists. I have then added an Element Exists action where I search for the window with the following selector:

In the Selector Editor window I can validate the selector without any problems. However when I execute the code the window is never identified making me unable to click OK.

Any ideas why that is?

Buddy use send hot key activity with tab or any key that navigates until you reach the field where you want to click and then use a send hot key with enter that would make a click buddy, followed by element exists or any activity you have
Cheers @jacchr

The thing is that I never get to the point where I can use the Send Hotkey activity. When executing the code the window is not identified by the Element Exists activity.

Hi @jacchr,

You can resolve this issue by the following ways.

1.Use the sendhot keys acitivity to press tab and enter on ok button and close the pop up.
2.use attach window of the pop up and place the click activity with in it to close the pop up.
3. you can use the image based automation to close the pop up but that must be the last resort to use.

Shiva Karthik


Could you please try with On Element Appear activity and indicate that window and inside of this take one Click activity to click OK. And also set RepeatForever to false in properties of it.