Unable to click inside window element


I have to type values in first name and last name in appearing window after clicking add value button but, it is not working proper it not adding value just scrolling page and again opening window.
I have created two in arguments first name and last name and passed values to them just to test.
i am comfused of this behavior please help me to solve .
attached images of window and script.

it is showing following eror too while selecting selector for type into of first name



You can test a click before typing (Option), to see the field focus.
Can I see your selector ?

selector of?

Type into ‘INPUT’


check this


Can you open uiexplorer and check the other properties …


I think it’s a varaible problem …

your FirstName Variable is a GenericValue or a String ?

Have-you display FirstName Varaible in a Message Box or a LogMessage ?

generic value, yes i checked with message box it showing value for first name.
now i change to string.
still not able to put in that field

which properties exactly?

Certain fields do not accept simulate type

okk,so what should be the solution for this

First validate all your selector and add 2 properties to Type into like this :

Thanks for the reply i change the selector and done the checks as u mentioned .
working now .

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