Unable to click details button

Hi All,

I am unable to click details button on page.Till yesterday it was working fine when iam running the code now its not working. Please some one help me.I have a code review today

@thima Can you tell me the error which you are getting while clicking .


Can you please check the current selector of the detail by using Uipath Explorer and share .

Newdetail.xaml (7.1 KB)

Follow the steps :slight_smile:

  1. Go to Uipath Studio
  2. Click on Uipath Explorer, One box will appear [ Refer SC ]
  3. Click on Indicate on Screen and point the Detail button.
  4. Selector will generate in uipath explorer box.
  5. Copy that selector and share here.

From this i can see that

u have used * Detail * as column name but its Detail only same with column name so remove asterisk sign. and another point i’m not sure whether idx=0 is correct or not so you just verify that.

I removed column name still same error iam getting

Try This :

<html title='Ariba Spend Management' />
<webctrl tag='BUTTON' aaname='Detail' colName='Detail' />

Not working

Did you try Click Image activity?


Hi @thima,

Try this selector.
<html title='Ariba Spend Management' /> <webctrl tag='BUTTON' aaname='Detail' colName='Detail' parentclass='leg-p-t-4 noWrap' id='igdspd' />

else use click image activity.



My problem is on the page detail button are two not one bot is identifying one element if iam selecting aaname selector but 2 item it will not select due to idx will change so i made to dynamic now its not clciking both elements and throwing me error as unable to find button

are you able to get the rowindex and columnindex in selector?
if you can get those then it would be good to make perfect selector.
can you share the full view of uipath explorer ?

This issue got resolved. Many thanks

Hi @thima

Please mark the post containing the solution as solved? :slight_smile: