Unable to click click image after vpn disconnects

one more observation.
we are executing with uipath assistant in run on your session mode.
clicks are working fine nut excel is not updating.
any issue is there for excel activities if we run using run in your session or pip mode?
we tried with both but excel not able to update.


I suggest you to take Unattended Robot and Orchestrator as per above requirement. If do so then Bot only will login to Robot machine and execute the process and at the end it will sign off from the machine.

Did you follow below steps ?

If you are trying to run unattended you should not log into the RDP session and then disconnect. LOG OUT of the RDP session then run your automation. DO NOT be logged into the session when it connects. DO NOT leave the session running by disconnecting.

Attended robot need a user session, aka somebody logged inn.
This is the main problem you have here.
If you need to let robot run without rpd, then you need to change it to unattended robot.

ok but initially it was working fine.
we are recently facing this issue when we chnage our bounce server(it is like first we connect with ip of bounce server using remote connecttion then->mremoteng ->we provide our dev and prod ip) to new and mremoteNG from where we connects our vm.
is any firewall setting is there which is blocking our automation?
any idea on same?

I dont know about firewall. Can you check if your account has same right as one before?

We fix our problems by changing to unattended robots.

ok, i will check