Unable to click checkbox

Hi All,

I am unable select the confirmed check box.Kindly help

take out idx and tag add in type and try
if cannot work, try using IE, chrome is infamously unstable with selectors

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Hello @thima,

Please take a activity click and click in text box and then use two send ht keys to move down and it would be selected, just give it try.


Hi @ thima,

That becouse you dont need to click, what you need is to check, use this

Usualy i use Toggle not check or uncheck but test it


enable the SIMULATE CLICK property in the property panel of CLICK activity
And also the waitforready property set with value as COMPLETE and try once
if not
Try with CLICK IMAGE activity and select that region as image. Though it is bit slower than default Click it would work for sure

Cheers @thima


I tried with above all options including with table row and column properties but nothing is working and the “confirmed” check box position is changing on every order. Please suggest any alternative approach

Hi again, is your selector just here ?
Is dis you see if the selector is dynamic ?


There is no unique attribute to do dynamic selection

Just try attach window to this windows and perform the how you whant !?!

Thanks its working fine

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