Unable to click and type specific elements in Adobe acrobat reader

I have to similar pages in PDF and both pages have same input text fields. i am attempting to use type in both pages but every time it’s overwriting on the first page.

However, it is identifying and highlighting element in the second page but overwriting in the first page.

The selectors for both pages are almost similar PFB.

First page selector:

Second page selector:

Hi @nagasowmya.ponnapati

Check by indicating the two pages selectors properties if any attribute having the information about 1st and 2nd page in the Ui Explorer.


Insicate the elements in ui explorer and use the center top and right top windows to find some unique attributes related to each page …like a page number or any other firld which might sifferent in the selector

This would help in identifying both uniquely


Hi @nagasowmya.ponnapati ,

Could you also check whether the below component works for your case :

The component would work if the PDF is in fact a PDF Form document.

Let us know if this does not work.


  1. Use the “Indicate Anchor” Feature: UiPath provides an “Indicate Anchor” feature that allows you to create more reliable selectors. This is useful when dealing with similar elements on different pages. It helps establish a reference point to locate other elements relative to that anchor.
  2. Page Navigation: Ensure that you have a mechanism in place to navigate between the two PDF pages. For example, if you are using the “Type Into” activity, make sure you have the appropriate click or keyboard shortcuts to move from one page to another before filling out the fields.
  3. Use Delay: Introduce some delay or wait time between actions, especially when interacting with different windows or pages. Sometimes, the application may take a moment to load, and the bot needs time to recognize the elements.