Unable to clear Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment 1


Regarding Calculate Client security Hash assignment, I am unable to clear it though the workflow is running fine at my system.

Note: I am not resetting data before submitting assignment.
Also, Hash code is in following format, tested locally. ex: Ambris-Tony Blair-Germany

Please hlep me with the test.

There may be lot of reasons for that @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Here you have lot of topics available. May be for each and every question, you will have answer as well. Kindly check these topics


Thank You, I am able to pass First assignment, but with second assignment, I am facing issue to download Monthly Report , multiple times resettled data and checked for various Work items of type WI4, but none of the option downloaded report.

All the one giving No reports for this record.

Could anyone help if there any trick to get the report or its based on luck??

Monthly Report

Hi, there’s another topic regarding this situation (No monthly report available for download for 2018 for all WI4 items - #7 by BobbyDropTable). It seems that you have to wait for someone of UiPath look into this.

Yeah, seems there is some issue with acme site @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Ohh…Sure Milton…In another topic it was like 404 error which got resolved on shorter period.

But for me it is like unable to get reports for any of the WI4 items…So will wait for anyone from Uipath’s tech assistance…

Thanks and Regards,


Ohh…Thank you Hareesh :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Milton,

I am able to complte Assignments 1 and 2 successfully.

With This hope, can I attempt Advanced developer Certification Exam?

Or do I need to practice more and more before exam as it will so and so tough…How may questions and how much tough comparative to the assignments??

Please advise , would be so much grateful.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

How did you pass First assignment?
I have same problem. When run file by Robot, I can see all the WI5 became “completed”
However, Job details is like below.

I don’t know why?
Please help me,
Thank you in advance.

Hey Friend,

Try clearing the queue and then then run again, it may resolve the issue

I guess I don’t use queue in Calculate Client Security Hash. So I cannot clear the queue. Am I right?

Then how are you retrieving the values one by one in the get transaction process?