Unable to check '+' and check boxes for a particular input values

Hi Team,

I am in the process of selecting a particular site-group name (country name) and required hospitals under it.
For ex : I wish to Select Australia country and expand it by clicking on ‘+’ icon then I need to select ‘Finders Medical Center’ & ‘Royal Melbourne Hospital’ .
Please let me know how proceed with this.



Hi @Manjunath_Mara1 ,

Have you tried to click using the anchor activity?
In this topic you have a question similar to yours.
Maybe it will help you.

Hi @Manjunath_Mara1 can u show the selector in ui explorer when u click a + plus buton if any country


Please check the below screenshot for ‘+’ button for countryname South Africa

Hi @Manjunath_Mara1 try to use colname attribute it has country name in it

Please find the continuation part of the colname screenshot

If you are available, please let me know we can join the meeting with Google meet.
This is very essesential for me I need to sort it out please