Unable to change index of Data table

Hello Guys,

I am stuck at this problem.
I need to send an index value from an other sequence into my data table in another sequence … But inside for each row of my Data table, i am only able to see index value as 0! Is there a way i could send predefined index value and access it in my DT?
Please help!

Hi @pooja.pakanati ,

From the sequence where you want to send the index number assign it to some variable and set the scope which available to all sequence.
ex: indexno = 5

Then inside the for each loop you can access the index no easily.
check with message activity indexno. you should get the value 5

Yes i tried… but the value getting printed inside “for each row of Datatable” is 0

Is it possible to show your flow? Screenshot?

Hi @pooja.pakanati ,

See the sample below.