Unable to capture upload confirmation id (generate yearly report - assignment 3)

Hi Guys,
I am stuck at one point in Assignment 2 - generate yearly report in RPA. the issue i am facing is - when i Select Consolidated Yearly Report and Click on “Upload Report”. I get this popup with confirmation Id. I am not able to capture the confirmation id, the reason is - popup doesnt have any unique selector. I have tried “Get Text”, “Get OCR Text” “image exist” but none is able to give me the output.

Pls advice.


******adding some more details to my earlier post ******

below are the images - i first click on upload report and latter check if the popup appears using “Image Exists” activity

if the image exists then i call “Get Visible Text” acitvity


this is where i get runtime error saying get visible text acitivity error

pls advice.


Try using Internet Explorer, you will have a selector and very easy to capture the ID @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

use key stocks

Hi Hareesh,
I developed all workflow with chrome as chrome is faster. But then after you suggested I tried just this peice of upload report workflow in IE but even there i could not get a unique selector, it picks the entire “attach browser” , ‘web - acme-upload report’ as selector.

pls advice.

Hi Pradeep,
Could you pls elaborate how can i use key strokes to capture the confirmation Id.


@Devjyoti_Bhattachary Use while condition than hotkey activity it is keystocks
use sendhotkey activity for copy the text and use clip board and do the split


Use IE Browser.
you can use IE only that workflow
Note: just open the Upload Yearly Report page in IE


is it okay if i use IE for that workflow ??? cause i am using chrome for workflows prior and after this workflow…

It’s not recommended to use a different browser for a project but to complete this assignment you can do that.

now if you change all workflow with IE, it’s a waste of time so change only that workflow

Okay thanks.

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Thanks @pradeepRPA, @HareeshMR, @sandeep13
for your time and advice, I am able to capture confirmation id using solutions provided below -



@Devjyoti_Bhattachary the above solution is good but i have a another solution chose the best one follow bellow file and check Attach Browser before using
CopyThePopupText.xaml (21.1 KB)

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@Devjyoti_Bhattachary, @pradeepRPA

Dear All, I was having same issue with ‘Firefox’. After many different ways found a solid selector which always works (at least in my system :slight_smile:) :

I used Microsoft OCR: