Unable to capture the inner text

Hi, I am not able to capture the inner text inside the box.

see this whole text box I captured. But I didn’t get the Active text inside it in a selectors.

See what UiExplorer capture in a selectors

Note - I want to capture the Active text, But this text is editable we can edit it. So how can we capture the editable text???

@Palaniyappan @lakshman @Lahiru.Fernando

may i know how that text actually looks
Cheers @balkishan

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you can try using get attribute activity and select TEXT or VALUE and see If it is returning anything.

Also, if it is a web application, check in developer tool (F12) and select the element and see what you are getting.

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here is bro.


It’s editable we can edit this. Even the OCR activity desn’t work here.
I am using Element Exist Activity if Active exist True else False. But in the selector Active text is not there. Please suggest what activity I can use here.

it’s a web application only. F12 where I have to use this.

Press F12 on the screen which will open a window. Select the element and see what you get