Unable to capture a list item using select item activity

Dear All,

I am trying to logout of a website by clicking on the user icon at the top of the ecommerce website.

Hovering onto the User icon uncovers a dropdown list containing the Logout option.

I don’t have to click on the user icon to see the dropdown list but have to hover my mouse on it.

I tried using click and select item activity but I am unable to logout of the account.

Attached below is the screenshot of the logout option that I am trying to click using RPA.


Can anybody suggest me an approach to tackle this problem?


try this, it will help


@aditya.prakash, it doesn’t help.

in order to get drop down list items dynamically, you should youse find children activity, so suppose if select item list will change it will take dynamically
you need to fine tune your Selector, for this you can use visual tree to point the target element, you can select which item you need to select(target element)

Hi @Tom1989

See this

If this does not help, can you tell me the site so that I can help


Hi @PrankurJoshi,

The website is zalora.com? Can you create an account on it and check if you are able to do it?

The problem is with the list that disappears suddenly when you hover the mouse or switch tabs to capture it on UiPath?

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I received a compiler error.

Would you like to take a look at the website and then suggest a solution to me? :slight_smile:

drop-down.xaml (7.5 KB)

please check this, it’s working for me.

@Tom1989 I had deeply studied all the comments for your help. However, most of the solutions I tried myself did not work. I propose to you a little technical way of handling this type of dropdowns which only appear upon hovering.

Please follow the steps below at your environment and let me know if it worked.

  1. Select from the menu “Hover” activity

  2. Indicate the element inside your browser

  3. Create a variable for the Hover activity and name it like “selectedElement” and change the type to “UiPath.Core.UiElement”

  4. Below the Hover select a Click Text activity

  5. In the properties panel, give the variable in the Element box

  6. Write the text you want to choose from the dropdown in the text box of Click Text activity

  7. Drag a Close Tab activity at the end of the process

I hope this method will help a lot if not you… :grinning: