Unable to call SOAP API

Unable to call SOAP API.


Try filling out the properties and the variables that the API ask’s for:

such as globalMappingReference and message.

Authentication if needed.


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I need to get this data from xml.
But when I do “deserialise xml” activity. my xml is showing error.
“Compiler error processing expression”

Why don’t you try calling your API using the HTTP Request Activity?


Whatever you are doing is perfect and it is working fine. You just need to pass the input params for that which you have below.

If they are optional params, then you don’t need to. You can test the SOAP API using soap UI application similar to postman which we need to use for testing REST API

Do follow the documentation for the API for more info

Looks like the xml has some error.
How to verify if xml is correct???


You can use apps like SoapUI in order to verify your XML before automatizing the process.

I strongly recommend SoapUI.

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Please send link to verify the XML

Soap UI is an application which you needs to install and then create a project with the wsdl URL you have and then need to check what methods and classes you need to execute passing the params @98d5b817dcd19244c50b