Unable to attach browser

I am opening a browser (1) at the init state of my project , and after executing some subprocesses i am using attach browser(1) . the problem is after some minutes i get signed of the browser (1) because of the timeout, so when i try to use attach browser(1) it is giving me a system exception because i am already signed out automatically.
Any idea how to solve that ?

once after you signed out again why are you attaching the same website.?

I’m signed out automatically and i need to access to the same browser every time t extract information from there

check out the selector when you logged in and when you logged out, definitely they both will differ and you can check element exist for both in pick and pick branch activity and it will pick the screen if it is logged out then login again and use attach browser.

The problem is that i am using many web windows , and i just one window i get logged of.
how to trigger that the pick has to be in a specific window?

what is the issue which you are facing with attach browser.?

it is not finding it once i get signed out from it

if it is logged out check for user name and password element exists and if it found login back.