Unable to assign Non Production license in DEV system


I am unable to assign Non production license in DEV system. I have assigned Non production license to DEV system in orchestrator and after connecting using UiPath assistant getting Connected, Unlicensed. But If I assign Unattended license in DEV, I can see the Uipath assitant is in Connect, Licensed status.

Rajendra Prasad.

Check if you are logged in with the same user as you assigned to the development license.

Yes, I have logged with the same user and connected UiPath assistant with same user

So do you have non production or developer license ?
Can you show us screenshot of your acquiring licenses on this Orchestrator ?

Please see the below screenshot

Ok. Let me understand.
All licenses have been allocated to the VMs.
And do you want disconnect licenses ‘developer pro’ from VM and connect non-prod license instead ?

When you do this, check the status of the license and the machines using it by clicking ‘see more’.
Maybe you have defined more VMs and others are active ?

Your guess is correct. I am trying to assign Non Production license in VM. Actually RPA developer license is assigned for Developer user in the same machine and but it work for only the developer user who is logged in the system. I have tried assign Non production license for different user and I am login with that user only

Are we not able to use two different license for two different users in same VM?

I need to user both license at a same time with two different users in same VM

So you have to create ‘floating robot’ for developer and for non-prod it can be ‘standard robot’ with assigned ‘machine key’.
I tested it few minutes ago and I have both license with green light :wink:

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