Unable To Assign Desired Collaborator To An Idea

How can the recently added users be selectable as collaborators for specific automation?

Issue Description: The recently added users are not available in the list of Collaborators in order to be added to specific automation.


  • In order to be able to add a user as a collaborator for an idea, make sure that the details from the user profile are matching with the ones from the edited idea.
  • If there is any Business Area, Category and Sub-Category attached to the User's details, user can be added as a collaborator for automations with the same Business Area, Category and Sub-Category.

For example, if the user is part of "Legal" Business Area, "Compliance" Category, "Regulatory research" subcategory, he can be added as collaborator for automations from Legal-> Compliance -> Regulatory research.

To assign this user to projects from "Human Resource" Business Area as well, either add "Human Resource" to the user's profile details or completely remove any Business Area from the profile.

User's Profile:


Automation Profile: