Unable to add robot from UiPath Robot 2018


I am trying to add a robot to UiPath Robot from Orchestrator. I have changed the username to the correct one and the password too, from Orchestrator. Everything seems fine regarding credentials. What can I do?

Hi @Delia_Panca,
Can check this, It may help you .



Hi Delia,

I don’t understand your issue here. Does any error occur when trying to provision the Robot in Orchestrator? Or when you are trying to run a job?

The credentials you fill will be used to connect to the Robot machine when you are running a process/job. In order to get the correct username you could open a Command prompt and type whoami.

I have managed to solve the issues I had. Anyway, thanks for your reply and help :slight_smile:

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I’m getting an error, when provisioning robot in Orchestrator, the error “An error has occured” . can any one please help me in resolvnig this issue

How do I add robots. add button is inactive