Unable to add records to database using Submit Button


I am new to Studio and requesting assistance in resolving a problem with populating a Web data base using the add activity button on the web page.

  1. I am stepping through an excel file to populate a web database with new entries.

  2. The activities are added by clicking “ADD ACTIVITY” button on the bottom of the web page.

  3. Each time the activity is added the record is displayed on the page and the “ADD ACTIVITY” button moves to the bottom of the page.

  4. I ensure the “ADD ACTIVITY” button is visible on the page by using KeyBoard Shortcut… (End of page) is executed each time recorders are added so that the “ADD ACTIVITY” button will be available for the next pass.

  5. The above works great for the first 6 records, but on the addition of the next record I get the following.

  6. I assume the above means that the “ADD ACTIVITY” button cannot be located.

  7. Below are the button parameters.

  8. Any assistance on how I can add a parameter so that the “ADD ACTIVITY” button can be located, or other methods…… would be most appreciated

Thanks in advance


CHeck if the aaname or name is changing…if so remove them and see …

Check this


I made the following modification aaname=‘*’ and it worked.
I appreciate the Help!
Thank You!

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